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A relic from a tragic past, a Sati stone stands on a school playground. It is a memorial to two women, the wives of the same man, who on his death committed suicide by burning themselves on his funeral pyre . It is a recognised fact, that while a large number of these ritual suicides were coerced, many where infact occasioned by the cumulative social factors, of the lack of safety for women during the war ravaged medieval times, the low status and vulnerability of widows and the prospect of being reverred as a paragon of virtue in posterity.

The stone memorial bears the motif of two upraised right arms, flaunting the bangles,symbols of the auspicious marital status, for all eternity.

I must add that the cruel practice has been banned since the 19th century and it is illegal to glorify a Sati shrine or hold festivals exclusively seeking to honour the now extinct custom.DSCN1082