‘Every flower is a Dharma teaching’


Do you notice that we are always being surrounded by flower?

Just be mindfulness when you are walking, driving, running…. I am sure you can see “FLOWERS”.

Do you know how type of flowers in the world?

According to the scientists opinion there are more than 270 000 types of flowers.

How do you feel when you look at flowers?

Are you feeling sad?

I am sure you are feeling happy, joy when you see flowers.

How wonderful!

I love to observe flowers as it act as a silence Dharma teacher.

1. Whether we are giving any praise or scolding to flowers, it still blossom.

The teaching:

Be yourself! You are the master of your destiny

2. Flowers give so much joy and happiness to people, despite of whether you are poor or rich, pretty or ugly. They never ask any thing in return.

The teaching:

It’s so blessed to…

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