"I need my space"

“I need my space”

Baba bull meditates in the serenity of the church yard, unmoved by the gathering storm. The rest of the family huddle more cosily in one of the side porches.

Family time.

Family time.

In Goa, as in many other parts of India, stray cattle roam around on streets, often posing a danger to themselves and to light vehicles. The economic growth brought in by tourism has also made many villagers abandon labour intensive means of livelihood, like animal husbandry. With the younger generation unwilling to ‘dirty their hands’, many erstwhile farm animals are let loose to roam untended , foraging in the dumps and  the few remaining pastures. 

   Many of them end up eating a lot of plastic and other rubbish from the garbage dumps and clean drinking water is hard to come by, specially in the quantities needed by a large animal in a tropical country. The rainy season is in fact the best time of the year for these four legged orphans, with green grass and water in plentiful supply. A dry space to sleep in is however difficult to come by , and many animals sleep on shop fronts and even in the petrol pumps , once they become quiet by midnight.

   This family was lucky, they picked the quiet of the church premises for a short siesta, before the evening service was due.