Someone had chucked out the remnants of an over ripe jackfruit . It stank ! It stank the way only over ripe jackfruit can stink ! Trying to concentrate on my reading ,I was all  distracted by the overwhelming odor of sickly sweet fruit going sour . In the end I threw the book down and went to deal with it, armed with gloves and spade; cursing all those who eat over ripe jackfruit on sweltering hot days..

The Common Baron butterfly

The Common Baron butterfly

I stormed right into the party! Six Common Baron Butterflies (Euthalia aconthea) were happily guzzling the juices of the rotting fruit.They were so engrossed that after an initial flutter they just returned to their feasting and totally ignored me.

august 1 to 20th 051

They snuff coloured ones are the males. They moved a little, in a slow circle but were not the least bit distracted by me.





The Baronness

The Baroness

The green one is the female , she kept opening and closing her wings as she fed , but didnt fly away either. They were so engrossed that they  were not bothered when I photographed them .

august 1 to 20th 062 Then I quietly shouldered the shovel and returned. The stink didnt seem as unpleasant now, the careless neighbour not quite as uncharitable. 🙂