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The spiders at my home insist on tying together the tassels of the lampshade so they hang at a very odd angle. I have tried to debate the point with them, but they are adamant that this is the most interesting and useful angle that they can be stuck in. Their main objective is ofcourse to use the tassels as a frame from which they can string more webs across and swiftly catch the flies that may wander towards the light.

After sweeping off their constructions several times, I spent a long lazy evening watching them patiently rebuiding their webs. It is no mean feat, given the fact that the electric fan is on at full speed due to summer heat and normally, the tassels are blowing and waving in every direction at once. I started to feel rather guilty as i watched the little ingeneous arachnids risk life and limb to lasso the tassels together with their gossamer strings of steely strength. In two hours time they had them fixed and the 3 spiders settled down to weave their individual webs with infinite care. Dinner did not seem a likely prospect for them as they would spend most of the night building the web which had taken me seconds to destroy!

For now, they can stay. đŸ™‚